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Survey work

We are a multi-disciplined geospatial engineering company that operates throughout Africa and the Middle East for clients engaged in a wide diversity of industry sectors such as: environmental monitoring, pipeline integrity, construction, property and geophysical studies.

We use the latest data collection and processing equipment technologies to provide our clients with a high quality, efficient and cost effective service. We bring more than 18 years of experience to all aspects of geospatial engineering, working alongside strategic alliance partners and consultants to offer clients tailor made solutions.

Services provided by the company:

• Engineering and Construction
Setting out and checking all civil engineering works, establishing control networks, production of cut and fill models using digital techniques.
• Land surveys
Data collection uses Total Station and GPS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) techniques and data processing in the production of digital terrain models. Map production uses Trimble, Sokkia and AutoCAD software.
• Satellite imagery
We deliver medium to high resolution imagery in black and white or color formats and Geo or ortho- rectification using GPS control and digital terrain models.
• Pipeline Surveys
We establish GPS points on weld and pipe magnets to control the inertial navigation
system (INS) that is used in pipeline mapping units.
• Geo Group Co. handles the marine section inquires (purchasing and rental) related to ROV, WROV, underwater sensors, underwater cameras, GNSS signal, underwater positioning systems, hydrographic marine software, …. Etc.
Topographic Survey:
Topographic surveys are carried out using a combination of RTK-GPS equipment and/or electronic total stations. There is no requirement to write anything while in the field and the data is automatically recorded and transferred to the PC where the data processing takes place before being presented in AutoCAD or Micro-station.
AS BUILT Survey:
As-built Surveys are carried out using a combination of electronic instruments and traditional taped dimensions. The final drawings are produced in AutoCAD format. Typically, applications are Special Planning, Re-Development, Facilities Management and Historical Records

GPS Survey:
The introduction of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) into the surveying profession has revolutionized the way that we carry out the main framework of the survey. Today GPS equipment is capable of accuracies that exceed +/-5mm in static modes and +/- 10mm in a kinematic mode. Consequently, pair of GPS receivers is an everyday item to be included with the equipment that the survey team will carry in their vehicle, along with an electronic total station and automatic level.

3D Scanning:

3D scanning is primarily used for engineering, construction, and operations & maintenance activities in the manufacturing plant and civil/survey markets. 3D scanning has also been used for architectural, virtual reality, heritage preservation, forensic, and other applications such as:

Trimble 3D Laser Scanner GX provides an invaluable source of informative imagery, thanks to its capability to represent the data in 'false colours' as per different reflectivity indexes of the surveyed surfaces.  We operate the laser scanning from a safe distance (minimising H&S issues) without interrupting operations around the surveying scene. Zone is also familiar with Independent Survey Projects as we have surveyed power plants for some of our most important clients i.e. Pegasco, El Kharafi etc.  Several 'As Built' surveys for power plant projects have been handled by Zone including: boilers, processing units and transmission lines.  Zone also is very familiar with obtaining precise and accurate measurements, which we achieve by using the Trimble Total Station 5503.
We also have a joint venture between one of the most popular and specialized companies in the U.K., whose expertise lies in the field of 3D Laser Scanning for refinery and offshore subsea projects throughout the world.

Hydrographic Survey:
Hydrographic survey in its strictest sense is the process of gathering information about navigable waters for the purposes of safe navigation of vessels. It strictly applies to survey of any navigable waters, including lakes and rivers, but it is most commonly applied to marine navigation. The term may be more broadly used for a wide variety of data gathering exercises for the purpose of describing the seafloor for a variety of purposes.
Hydrographic is collected under strict rules for evaluating and positioning the data so that it may be accurately charted. Data will include shore features of use to navigators as well as information about the waters and bottom, traditionally conducted by vessels and with Echo sounding

Pipe Line Route Surveys:
We are a specialist provider of route surveying. Our technique is to survey the earth's surface along a specific route, the data is collected and the facts are updated appertaining to the topographical, geological, soil and other maps and we offer a range of surveys that can be customized to meet our clients' immediate requirements.  Some of the important features in the execution of our surveying services are: centre line marking, calculating the quality of road materials, route alignment, correcting the road alignment and curve point including the slope of the road. We establish GPS points on pipe line to control the inertial navigation system (INS) that is used in pipeline mapping units
Underground Location:
Our underground services include ground mapping where there are possible known utilities down to a single conduit on site. Without site knowledge or 'As Built', Zone provides the very best service to locate any utilities through our RD400 Pipe Locator System from Radio Detection. Also, we can use the GPR when there is a requirement for more detailed geophysical data from our client.

Zone can map all site utility data using its Trimble RTK GNSS. We also locate underground services by using remote methods to locate the exact position and depth.

Past Experience

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Main office
Abo Rawash industrial area behind the Smart Village
6 Of october Egpyt
Mobile: 01282208255
Fax: 01277661462
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